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Netnography and Digital Records: An Interview with Robert Kozinets

Photo of Robert Kozinets, from http://blogs.loc.gov/

Robert Kozinets coined the term netnography to mean “qualitative method devised specifically to investigate the consumer behavior of cultures and communities present on the Internet.” This interview with Kozinets reveals his thoughts on traditional v. internet anthropology and ways the internet has changed during his twenty years of online research. He also discusses what he considers the two keys to netnography: finding interesting and relevant data among what already exists and paying attention to one’s role in the process. Kozinets has interesting thoughts on search engines, such as a suggestion for tagged audiovisual materials in results.

Fernandez, J. (2014, August 13). Netnography and Digital Records: An Interview with Robert Kozinets [Web log post]. Retrieved from http://blogs.loc.gov/digitalpreservation/2014/08/netnography-and-digital-records-an-interview-with-robert-kozinets/