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Lost Melbourne: A Digital Ethnography of a Facebook Local History Group

The researchers spent 24 hours taking a research “snapshot” of a Facebook group dedicated to the history of Melbourne, Australia. Seeking to explore social media-driven “amateur memory practices,” the researchers were able to determine that the group could be seen as an example of network sociality. In contrast to community, network sociality does not represent belonging to a group. In network sociality social relations are not based on mutual experience or common history, but primarily on an exchange of data. The researchers further hypothesize that the combined posts and interactions have created an anthropological place. The research done on Lost Melbourne is useful for evaluating other Facebook groups and perhaps other online spaces in which historical artifacts are shared.


Schutt, S., Berry, M., & Cianci, L. (2015). Lost Melbourne: A Digital Ethnography of a Facebook Local History Group. Global Ethnographic. Retrieved from http://oicd.net/ge/index.php/lost-melbourne-a-digital-ethnography-of-a-facebook-local-history-group/